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Astrophysics FITS format

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    hie all,

    i'm a student and i'm working on a software using FITS file. I need coordinates of galaxies which are stocked in those FITS file. For that i have to use a c++ library then i'll b
    e able to extract them.

    i would like to know if somebody has ever code a c++ program using a FITS library like libCCfits ( http://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/software/fitsio/ccfits/ ) or know who has already use something else?

    to know more about my project EAG, please visit: www.eag-project.net [Broken]

    thank you in advance.


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    Most people just use cfitsio directly. It's a 'c' lib so you can call it quite easily from C++.
    There isn't a lot of heirarchy in a fits file that benefits from having an object wrapper.

    Do you mean you are looking for the coordiantes of galaxies from images in a fits-file or do you mean reading a list of coordinates from a fits table?

    Do you really want to write your own software rather than using IRAf or similair?
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