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Astrophysics jobs

  1. Oct 10, 2015 #1
    So currently what I'm interested in is astrophysics and plan on getting my masters. I'd like the input of anyone with experience in the field. Whats the job market for astrophysics like? What type of jobs are available? What companies would I be wanting to look at if I wanted a research job? Is there anywhere that would offer good intern positions? I realize I could find some of this information on google, but I'd much rather hear from someone who has experience who could give me a bit of guidance. Any info is greatly appreciated
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    First research on Google and then ask any questions you couldn't get answered :smile:
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    What kind of work, specifically, do you think of as "astrophysics"? To me, it means studying things like the structure and evolution of stars, planets, planetary systems, galaxies etc. That sort of thing goes on almost exclusively at universities and maybe some government institutes, not in industry, as far as I know.
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