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Astrophysics or nanotechnology?

  1. Nov 15, 2017 #1
    i am currently student of Applied physics in final year. for my final year project i was offered space,electronics and materials(nanotechnology) research work. i chose space research work but my institute is unable t provide its courses so we have to chose from materials and electronics. i chose courses of materials and space project.
    1)even if i grad with space project will i be able to do masters in material(nanotechnology)?
    2) is astrophysics worth working as my project?
    3) later for masters if i choose to switch to material so my project in space won't be a negative point for it right?
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    You have to be somewhat practical here and choose something that is employable while at the same time can allow you to pursue your dreams.

    I would say electronics is a safer bet than materials and materials is safer than astrophysics but I think you know that already.
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