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AstroPhysics Simulator?

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    Hello, I need an astrophysics simulator. I've googled and yahooed but couldn't find any. If you kno where I could download one please let me know. Thanks for your time.
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    I haven't heard of an "astrophysics simulator" before. What specifically do you want to simulate? With luck mayb someone has written an applet for it.
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    gasoline,gadget, nchilada, NAMD ...there are many more...those are the ones that i've heard of.

    u can also use a game engine for simple astro sims...(coding your own physics component.)
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    I want to simulate the explosion of the big bang. According to recent studies there were more than one planet in our solar system and with the correct simulations they should play out the theory and prove that its true. But there are hundreds of things that I would love to check out.
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    Thanks- the NAMD seems to look kinda cool so ill try that one. :biggrin:
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    :confused: Recent studies? I thought that's a *very* old discovery...
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    There are so many things wrong with this I don't even know where to begin...

    1) People have known forever that there's more than one planet in the solar system.

    2) There's no such thing as a "big bang simulator," nor could there be. After all, we currently lack the physics to describe the very early times.

    3) A simulator which modelled the big bang would not also be modelling planetary formation, unless you have a computer with, eh, way more computer memory that has ever been manufactured.

    You're essentially asking for a "universe simulator," and such a thing does not (and, for machine limitations, cannot) exist. We have simulations of galaxy formation, stellar evolution and so on, but it's not possible to simulate the universe with granularity down to individual planets.

    - Warren
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    It is a common misconception that "the universe" refers to our solar system plus the immediate surrounding area, hence the fallacy that the big bang is associated with planet formation.
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