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Astrophysics, where to begin?

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    I'm currently a postgraduate student doing pure maths, and I'm quite interested in self-studying astrophysics!

    If you do physics or know something that can be of help, could you please suggest me some reading materials?

    oh and I haven't studied physics after getting out of high school, so I was guessed maybe I should study undergraduate level physics first, before going into astrphysics?

    any help would be appreciated~

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    What do you plan to do with this self-study? If it's just for fun (and you won't be trying to solve any problems) then you don't really need much physics. A good advanced-undergrad level reference/text without many problems is Carrol & Ostlie's Introduction to Modern Astrophysics. But if you're hoping to study it in college in the future, or try to get a job in astrophysics, then yes, you're going to need at least an undergraduate-level physics education to get anywhere.
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    At the moment it's definitely for fun, not sure if I'll try to get into it properly after I get my masters degree in maths. Guess I'll have to study some undergrad physics as well in my spare time, thanks for the reply~
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    An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics by carroll Ostlie is a good place to start
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    I guess I should have read the other replies before responding. Then I would have seen it has already been recommended. sorry
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