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ASU research recommendations

  1. Jun 26, 2013 #1
    Ok, so, I'm going to ASU this Fall to start a PhD program in mechanical engineering. Specifically, all of my expertise is in thermodynamics and heat transfer. So, I plan on doing research related to such a field if possible.

    ASU (Arizona State) has two avenues of research that interest me:
    1. Algae biofuel research (algae biofuel lab)
    2. Photovoltaics research (quantum solar energy lab)

    While these areas of research are not strictly based on mechanical engineering principles, both labs do occasionally hire mechanical engineers. Any suggestions from anybody on which route to take? Or, if either of these options don't make sense for me to research, what sort of thing should I research? Bear in mind, I probably want a commitee chair who is part of their mechanical engineering department.
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