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Asymptotic homework help

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    For x-->oo (big) is there a relationship between

    A) [tex] \oint_{C}ds F(s) exp(sx) [/tex]


    B) [tex] \oint_{C}ds exp(as^{2}) exp(sx) [/tex]

    Where the exponential of [tex] s^{2} [/tex] is the result of expanding the function

    [tex] e^{logF(s)} [/tex] near its maximum/minimum.

    'C' is the contour defined by (c-ioo , c+ioo) for a real c so all the singularities lie on the left of Re(s)=c

    I believe (but can't proof) that for big x the quotient A/B tends to 1 but not pretty sure, or if i must introduce any change, any help would be appreciated
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