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At a crossroads in life

  1. May 30, 2013 #1
    Good Morning Everyone,

    I noticed there isnt really an introduction section on these forums, so just throwing it up on here because it fits. I am 28 years old and considering a career shift. In high school I took the basic math and science minimums to get me to graduation, but at 24 years old I took some college classes and found out that I am fascinated by math and how it works. I love having that "AHA!" moment when something clicks in your head and you realize that you understand the material. I have been very mechanical my whole life and considering going back to school for mechanical engineering. Before I jump into at this point, im going to attempt teaching myself most of the math I need. I am also fascinated by physics and after learning a lot of the math going to attempt the pysics as well. Im hoping to be able to test out of alot of the lower level math and physics classes when I do go back to school in the next few years.

    Thats just a little background on me, probably going to be a lot of questions from me as things progress. Seems to be a great bunch of knowledgable people here, I think im in good hands.
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    Self-teaching is good, but it seems so often other things in life get in the way. Have you considered taking math classes at a community college? Some now have self-paced online classes, which seem to provide a good combination of guidance and independence.

    ME is a great choice, btw.
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    Self-Teaching requires motivation, but it doesn't seem like it'd be an issue for you. Make sure you get through what many at my college call the "big three". They are Calculus (including multivariate!), Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra. You could arguably go through an entire engineering undergrad with just a solid understanding of those branches of math.

    Check out the math textbook section on some books if you haven't already.

    Good Luck!
  5. May 31, 2013 #4
    ME is a great choice IMO. I'm an AE major but a majority of the classes I have to take more or less correlates to ME as well. I suggest you establish (or re-establish) a strong college algebra (algebra 2) foundation. A lot of things in the "higher" math courses require strong familiarity with algebra and any loose ends in it will have catastrophic consequences. I'm finished with my math classes and will be diving head first into the meat and potatoes of my core classes next academic year. If you have any questions regarding math as it pertains to AE, or to a certain extent, ME, feel free to message me.
  6. May 31, 2013 #5
    Thanks for all the replies guys, I would love to go back to school, but its just not in the cards yet. The wife is finishing up her paralegal degree in the next 3 semesters. Which means I work 53-60 hours a week to provide for the household. Its tough but the payoff will be worth it. Thats why I am so motivated to self learn, I know its going to be hard, but going to be fun too.
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