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At a total lost

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    I am a junior in high school I am at a total lost to what college I should apply to and what I should major in. I know that I want to work on molecular assemblers later in life, but I don't know what school will be best for me. Can anyone please help me find out which school I should apply to and what I should major in? I can only attend schools in the U.S. though due to financial constraints.
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    check the bio or chem programs. . . maybe even engineering. try to think about which schools will be in your price rage: in state vs out of state; and then large state schools vs a smaller private school.

    the good thing about big state schools is that they will offer a lot of research opportunity, and possibly a variety of different majors to pick from. . .
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    There are a couple colleges that offer nanotechnology purely as its own major, where the curriculum focuses on everything you need to enter nanotechnology. But I don't know about the marketability of such programs.

    I found this with a quick search at google:


    And the second link is for programs for undergraduate study, which is what you would need if you to decide you want a less general program of study.

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