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At-home method to test if it is diluted urine?

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    If someone has a liquid, is there any fairly simple at-home method to test if it is diluted urine? Something reasonably accurate?
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    theres at-home pregnancy tests lol

    lol put the stick in the liquid. If it comes out blue or pink or something, someone might in trouble :p

    Well you're at it, why don't you test the liquid for drugs too. Then you'll know if somebody's putting/put drugs in the liquid, AND you might find out whether or not the person who (owned?) the urine (if thats what the liquid is) is on drugs

    lol. sorry I didnt really have anything useful to say, I just thought that would be kind of a funny response. I hope somebody's actually able to help you.
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    Urea is the main compound of uring, so all you have to find is a chemical that will react will urea and give you a colour.
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    Could you also detect creatine?
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    Ah, yes, that's all I have to do! All that would involve is rephrasing my original question from "urine" to "urea"
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    This probably isn't what you're looking for, but my neighbor has one of the special black lights and it's pretty cool.
    She has three cats and one of them was going tee-tee in the house. She bought one of these lights to help her find out where he was doing it.
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