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At the end of the tunnel

  1. Jul 4, 2005 #1
    In this topic, i wish to discuss near-death-experiences. Not only do i want to know the arguments for and against NDEs being 'real', i would also like to hear ur personal views on whether they are hallucinations or actual glimpses of the afterlife. What do u believe?

    I shall admit right now that i believe the latter.

    Here is one example of an NDE:

    It is often said that a lack of oxygen in the brain produces a 'tunnel and light' effect. What i want to know is, in non NDE experiences, is this lack of oxygen then followed by similar experiences of entering another realm?
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    I imagine that most people that experience this are drugged in some way. That added to the fact that a lot of people have heard about the tunnels and such leads me to think they are like dreams.

    Also people have had similar experiences of being clenically dead and do not claim to have seen these strange things.
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    Most people will tell you its a hallucination brought on by lack of sensory input and yes lack of oxygen to the brain. The truth is no one is enitirely sure, there have been a couple of cases of brain-death where people have reported conversations and incredible details going on around them and in ajoining rooms during an OBE. But at the same time there have been cases where people have reported seeing the room around them and getting furniture muddled around (.i.e seeing it in a position where it actually isnt).
    So this could mean the brain is trying to approximate its surroundings, (although the problem being in cases of brain-death we'd have to say what brain? lol) or it could mean that some kind of future or past is being percieved where the furniture was placed in a different fashion or any number of things.
    I think buddhists call this state of OBE 'bardo' if i remember right, meaning that the soul has traveled out of its body but it is in a muddled state and sees illusions before it, and these illusions are just a veil through which true-life after death exists.
    From what i understand this accounts for the mythical and religious imagery people sometime experience, this is too guide and 'ease' people into their new state of being.

    Woops i rambled a bit too much, i hope that gives a few different views of what might be happening in OBE's anyway : p
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    Not really, since these experiences do not only occur in hospitals, but everywhere a person can (almost)die. I agree that there are some similarities to dreams (lucid dreams that is). However, during lucid dreams, people realise that they are dreaming. During NDEs, they realise that they are dying.

    Also the transformational effect of an NDE on a persons life is much greater than any dream. In that same experience i quoted above, the woman writes:

    This is true. Perhaps the experience doesnt make it into the memory, just like a dream often doesnt hang around in the memory.
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