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At what point would it be better to just not submit an optional subject test score?

  1. Oct 20, 2012 #1
    I haven't taken the chemistry GRE exam yet, and I certainty don't plan on doing poorly, but part of me wonders if I did do poorly how if would affect my applications. A majority of the places I am applying to do not require it (but "strongly recommend" it).

    So if you get in the 50th percentile, would it be better to cut your losses and not report it? 60th? 70th?

    My application is very strong, and this is the absolute last piece of it that could go wrong after managing to have strength in all the other pieces they look for. It would give me some peace of mind to know that even if something bad happens I may still be ok.

    I know one friend of mine didn't even take it but still got into a top 15 program...
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