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Homework Help: At what velocity.(sentence)

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    At what velocity........(sentence)

    At what velocity do 2 parallel moving electrons (or protons) attractive magnetic field equal (and therefore cancel out) the electrostatic repulsion?
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    I'm not in school.

    After further googling and pondering, I never realized how "relativistic" this line of thinking can be.


    I guess my next question then would be, "what would the world-line of one moving electron look like, in all frames of reference, at different velocities?" Would it draw the same path?

    Naturally the third question would be, "Ok, classical electromagnetism states that accelerated charged particles induce acceleration in other charged particles nearby." How would relativistic-electrostatic mesh well here, being magnetisim doesn't exist and its all special relativity?
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    You might consider posting this in the advanced physics forum, not the introductory forum... (I have no idea what you're talking about in your last post :p )
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    Is it C?
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