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Athletes who can make themselves feel cold/heat on command

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    I've heard of athletes who can make themselves feel cold/heat on command, or make themselves sweat on command, etc. I wonder how you can do that. My old coach told me that when he was an athlete he would light a candle & concentrate on it for hours on end, and then when he finished he said it felt like only 10mins. I remember he said something about the mind's eye. I guess if you had a dirty mind you could do other stuff too. I wonder if there are any books, sites, etc that could send me in the right direction?
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    There are some monks who can sit around in sub zero temperatures for hours in their underwear because of their amazing mental powers.

    I would start with meditation. Sit still and focus on only one thing, and whenever your mind wanders, direct it back to that thing. I like to focus on only breathing and muscle relaxation. When you access those deep levels of conciousness I'm sure that you can influence bodily functions, but it probably would take a lot of practice. Eventually you can start triggering these levels or states during normal concious situations, like just before the football game.

    The library and net have tons of info about meditation.
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