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AthlonPent 4 & M

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    Well, being almost "illitrate" in comparing "efficiency" of processors, it wa simple to me to compare processors under the same "properties" e.g Pent I, II, III etc...

    However, now i do not know what is the mechanism to use in comparing Pent M with Pent 4 or with Athlon [XP for example]

    Can some body explain to me how? :biggrin:
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    AMD model numbers generally compare PR(performance rating)
    AMD 3200XP or 3200a64 will compete with a 3.2GHz P4 generally, but the 3200 run at 2.2GHz and 1.8 or 2.0 for the a64.
    Intel uses raw frequency, and AMD has incorporated instructions to make less speed just as efficient.
    I use a P4 3.06GHz at 3.357GHz and it is equivilant to a 3400 a64, in gaming and what not, I have benchmarks to prove it.
    Pentium M uses the AMD technique, more agile than buff, the dothan has 2MB cache, as where a P4 haS 512kb CACHE, THE CACHE DIFF ALLOWS A DOTHAN M 2GHz to compete with the P4 2.8GHz.
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    Thanks for that, but i want to check if my idea about the processor below is ture:

    AMD Athlon™ 64 and AMD Athlon™ XP-M processors up to 3700+

    As somebody told me about a PC. If I did not understand what you said wrongly so this one is about around 3.2? [ i doubt if my answer is right..]

    Is Athlon ™ a64 is exactly when you speak and say Athlon ™ 64?

    i Appreaciate the help :rolleyes:
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    AMD A64s are a 64-bit processor.
    and the fastest CPU out now is a Pentium-M dothan.
    http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/News/US/images/arch333a.jpg [Broken]

    the 3200 is 1.8GHz for the 939 socket and 2GHz for the 754 sockets, the 1.8GHz socket 939 is faster however.
    there is no XP 3700, there is a 3700 sempron and 3700 a64, which is an XP, but called a Sempron.
    as of now, the highest clocked AMD is 2.6GHz(stock) that is a FX-55 A64 model.
    $800 something for it..
    not worth the cash.
    the highest speed P4 is a 3.8GHz(stock)
    those models compete with eachother.
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    Oh i see, but i just have a small bit to make it perfectly clear:

    I went to the link you put, and there is Athlom 64 3700+ , I guess this is
    faster than 2.5 P-M processors from the graph? I went ot compaq laptop webpage [Link below] and i saw a phrase talking about a laptop which sounds un-professional or not-clear for market reasons, see on the link follow the discription of the processor for R3000Z series compaq laptops [the one on the far left]


    Any comments?
    Thx in advance :biggrin:
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    what is the question?
    athlon a64 3700 model is slower than the P-M at 2.8GHz, for certain things however.
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    No. The highest-performance-rated Sempron is the socket-754 3100+.

    CPUs that are called "Athlon 64" are called "Athlon 64." There is no 3700+ Sempron.

    The 3.8GHz P4 is vaporware at this point.
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    The architectural substrate of Pentium M performance superiority

    A 2GHz Dothan would be comparable in performance to a 4GHz P4, if there was such a thing. A Pentium III 2.0 with 512KB cache would compare with a P4 2.8.

    PIIIs have been more powerful, clock for clock, than P4s since the P4 was introduced. If cache was the only reason why Dothans are faster than P4s, that would leave the PIII's superiority over the P4 an enigma. There are multiple architectural reasons why Baniases and Dothans are so much faster than P4s. Here is an article that outlines the differences and also shows the results of multiple performance benchmark comparisons. The article lists the reasons for Banias performance superiority as:

    • Mid-Length pipeline
    • Micro Ops Fusion
    • Dedicated Stack Manager
    • High Performance Branch Predictor
    • Pentium 4 FSB, Pentium III Execution Units

    ...And the reasons for Dothan performance supremacy as:

    • 2MB L2 Cache
    • More Micro Ops Fusion than Banias
    • Local Branch Prediction Improvements
    • (Mystery architecture improvement that results in) Faster Integer Division
    • Enhanced Register Access Mananger
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    Thanks for agreeing with me, and I DID say there was a Athlon 64 3700, there is not a 3700 sempron out now, but in the near future there will be.

    that was a typo, it was supposed to say.
    there is a A64 3700, and a XP called a sempron.
    sorry for the typo.
    the P3s were only faster than the Willamette P4s, the Northwoods creamed the P3s.
    the Willys had lower cache, and were technologically similar to P2s..
    the Northwoods were a complete redesign, for this reason, the Northwoods were implimented with more cache, and plenty helping of instructions to boot.
    Then later on, more pipes were added to the P4s, and now we have a Prescott, with more pipes, more instructions, and smaller processes, and more cache from a 180nm on the willy 256KB, to a 130nm on the northy 512KB/2MB(EE), and then a 90nm on the pressy 1MB/3MB(EE).
    this allows more to be placed in one area of the die(chip)
    making room for more cache, and instructions
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