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ATLANTIS Finally Unearthed

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    The secrets of the Atlantis Myth have finally been revealed, and the consequences of those disclosures will permanently change how we view our planet's past history.

    It is now known from where the ancient Egyptian priest who first related the Atlantis Legend obtained his story of the walled city beneath the sea.

    In September 2001 the Queensland researcher RONALD PEGG made an amazing but at first unbelievable discovery:
    "The ATLANTIS narrative as retold in the two dialogues written by the Greek philosopher Plato contain exact descriptions of the imagery from the 1995 produced Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean cd-rom."

    When the ancient accounts are compared to the imagery from the cd-rom – many detailed descriptions exactly match.

    You will find a comprehensive account of this discovery plus the associated visual evidence at http://www.pphcstudygroup.org.au/atlantis/ [Broken]

    Has Mr Pegg just found a series of coincidences, or is there more to his discoveries that we do not comprehend at the moment ?
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    Well if he had, the whole would would of know about it by now. I mean this would of been BIG news with multi-media coverage.
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    Is it me, or does that website not even make much sense? What does the CD-Rom from 1995 have to do with anything? He just noticed it was similar to descriptions of Atlantis? What kind of proof is that?
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    There was an underwater found off the coast of japan that was thought might have been Atlantis. It was a formation of almost perfectly square and level platforms that looked remarkably like the ruins of an ancient step pyramid. It was located on the ocean floor in a place taht would ahve been above water about 10,000 years ago. There has been a fair amount of debate about it, but it was generally concluded that it was in fact a natural formation, rather than man made. Remarkable nonetheless.
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    Yes Some pictures here. Strinkingly natural, I'd say. :yuck: Just as natural as http://www.cuba.cu/ciencia/citma/ama/museo/exmari.htm [Broken]
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