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Homework Help: ATLAS ECAL Technology used?

  1. Dec 18, 2008 #1
    I have to write a Lab Report that is based on the ATLAS electromagnetic calorimeter. One of the topics I have to write about is "the detector technology used". I'm unsure of what this could refer to, can anyone help?!
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    It probably refers to the material and physical mechanism of energy deposition, and the layer-0 data transmission out to the coordination system.

    Here are some examples of (what I would call) particle detector technology to help give you an idea:

    - photography of condensation due to charge disturbance of supercooled water in a cloud chamber
    - photography of bubbles due to charge disturbance of superheated hydrogen in a bubble chamber
    - timing and muxing of charge collection from excited semiconductor junctions in the doped silicon strips of a silicon tracker
    - electronic photocathode readout of cesium iodide photon detection from Cherenkov radiation in perfluorohexane
    - level-triggered electronic reconstruction of photomultiplier readout from scintillation in plastic interleaved with steel absorbers
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