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Atmosphere of the Hadean Era

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    If you were standing on the Earth during the HAdean era, would the outgassing of volcanoes prevent you from seeing the stars?
    Would the atmosphere be transparent; what about moving into the Archean Era?
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    There is, I believe, still significant disagreement over the composition of the Hadean atmosphere. That said the main gas that could lead to low transparency would be water vapour. With sedimentary zircons from early in the Hadean, it seems that surface temperature was low enough, at times, to allow precipitation and it would therefore be reasonable to expect that there were cloudless skies some of the time.

    A major impact (pun intended) on transparency would be ongoing accretion. Some impacts are thought to have been large enough to vapourise the ocean and a portion of the crust. That would have reduced atmosphere transparency to zero.
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    Vanadium 50

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    After one of those you wouldn't be seeing the stars - just seeing stars!
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