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Atmospheric pressure

  1. Jan 14, 2014 #1
    can we produce electricity from atmospheric pressure...if yes,
    please suggest any processes or methods by which we can generate electricity from atmospheric pressure..
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    We can produce electricity from atmospheric pressure difference

    Wind turbines do this all the time :smile:

    There is another interesting method to use this


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    i have an idea of generating electricity.....
    inside vacuum there is no opposite pressure.a vacuum container is taken with a lubricated end.the end is closed with a long and light weight rod.just below the rod on the bottom surface of the container,a spring is tightly paced .So, because of atmospheric the rod is sucked inside and the spring contracts and pushes the rod to its same position.then energy can be generated by the action of spring.....
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    Pressure alone will not generate Electricity. To get energy, you need a force (or some pressure) and you need motion (or a flow of fluid).
    Your suggested system would work for one shot only. You would then need to pull the rod out again (supplying your own energy) and start again. The atmosphere would only be acting like a spring, to store energy - and not acting as a source of energy.

    The Energy Tower and, of course, wind turbines, work because there is a net movement of air, along with a pressure difference. A vital difference there.
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