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Atmospheric Refraction

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    I'm working on a project on the Green Flash and have so far been building up a program to produce the 1976 US Standard Atmosphere. I have produced the density profile for the first 86km (which I'll assume to be enough for now) and now need to convert it to a refractivity index profile.

    I'm assuming refractive indices only depend on density changes (since density depends on both temperature and altitude). My question is what mathematical formula should I use? I have been unable to find a formula for converting density profiles into refactive index profiles.


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    You probably should look for Ciddor equation. EDIT: http://www.cfa.harvard.edu/~jbattat/apollo/references/atmosphere/chambers_astrometryWithPanStarrsAndPS1_pushingTheLimitsOfAtmosphericRefraction_2005.pdf [Broken], page 8
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