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Atom and the universe

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    Dear all, ma questions is what is the relation between atom and the universe? Is universe an enlarge model of an atom? What are the similarities and dissimilarities between an atom and the universe? Is there any evidence of the existence of multiverse or meta-verse?
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    Planets, stars, asteroids, gas clouds, and all large objects within the universe attract. In an atom some particles attract while others repel.
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    But if there is no repulsive force in the universe then how universe is expanding?
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    Good question. I assume an initial force, or space itself is expanding.
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    Don't know about this thing. But i think cosmologist are not sure about the exact reason behind it.
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    Evidence? None. Some rough ideas, but no real data.
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    Correct. There is much debate about how the universe is expanding faster than it should, there is also debate about how it is slowing in expansion faster than it should. So they call it dark energy and dark matter respectively.

    I think it is neither and will be found to be a more elegant form of general relativity.
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    How can there be no similarities or dissimilarities? There are plenty of similarities and dissimilarities.
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    Not along the lines the OP was contemplating, like the universe being a scaled up atom. I meant "no similarities", not "neither similar nor dissimilar" :smile: On the other hand, the latter is the kind of thing you run into when discussing atoms.
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    Perhaps this should be moved to another forum. But, while the accelerating expansion is still mostly a mystery and furthermore lends itself to a global over-all effect, the catalog of unseen attractive things contains a large part of "cold" dark matter which exists as clouds of unseen gravitational source. Irregular clouds don't lend themselves to some change in the rules of what holds a galaxy together.
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