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Atom But?

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    Atom But?????

    I am studying atom and I reach the Bohr model & the quantum theory of atom for now.
    But I have some point that I don’t understand for example:
    1st We assume that the positive charge (protons) and 99% of the mass (neutrons) are stable, (in most cases), in the center of the atom .And the negative charge are moving around it. If the Proton and the neutron have spin, how they maintain the stable and constant state in the atom, if they have spin.
    2nd if the neutron and the proton have spin of n for proton and m for neutron how do they don’t effect each other spins (I mean how the m spin don’t effect the n spin).
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    For one thing, the "Bohr model" predates quantum theory and isn't a very good representation. (It suddenly occurs to me I may be thinking of the "planetary model"! The rest of my questions are still valid.) For another, why do you think "spin" affects stability? Oh, and what reason do you have for thinking that a proton and neutron (which are how far apart?) would affect each others spins?
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    Why should the spin affect the "stability"? And what "stability" are you refering to?

    How do you know they don't affect each other?
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