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Atom interaction simulator

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    Is there such program available for download from the Internet; a program in which you can simulate interactions between elementary particles and atoms.

    So - it works like this:
    - you start the program, and there is just empty space (and literaly - it's vacuum (simulation equivalent (a ball of space))) in the work window (it's a 3D simulation by the way),
    - you take proton from palete and place it anywhere in the workspace, you take another one and place it at some distance from the first one,
    - you press "Simulate!" button, and they fly apart because of repulsion (there should be a "Radar window" also, so you can find them if there are more things in simulation)
    - you can read their speeds and other parameters
    - now you stop simulation and place another proton, but this time so it touches the other one - and now it's a Helium nucleus; you also add a couple electrons, and you see them behaving just the way theory describes their movement
    - no matter how much protons you put there - they always group with tendency to equilibrium of interrelative position (or whatever it's called in chemisrty (or whatever is the way protons can work in reality (obviously there are different modes of their function (nuclear, electrostatic, gravitic and what else now...))))
    - you can save your construction, and of course there are constructions already included along with program - files you are free to load (chemical elements for start)

    - AND NOW the main thing about this program - you place different atoms close enough, and (now read this) you have a continous scrollbar to raise temperature (or you use mousewheel) - so you actually see atoms becoming more active untill chemical reaction happens.

    - not only temperature, you can also increase global surrounding (hypotetical) electrostatic field, magnetic field etc. and see how it affects chemical reactions...


    I mean - a complete simulator of everything physical... There are some basic interactions, yet when you combine them you get different results, and (the main point here) computer calculates it and shows what actualy happens in real time... heck - even nuclear reactions could be simulated (e.g. if some particle travels at great enough speed and hits some atom with that stength - you see what happens - would it crack or not - according to forces that hold protons of that atom together (you can direct neutron and enter its velocity value, and then press "Simulate!" button to see what happens (or you can turn-on randomness - so neutrons shoot randomly from a hypotetic "zone" (a circle for example), and you can also simulate chain reactions)))
    Think about it... there are a few basic types of particles (protons, electrons, neutrons), and a few basic types of interactions (particle velocity, nuclear, electrostatic, magnetic field), yet there are hundreds of combinations of those few elementary particles - and each of them give something so different - different chemical elements - which further more have countless combinations and interactions which also give different things - but (hey!) still - everything based on those few (very few) interaction types!!!

    Simulator would be an interesting thing to see.

    Is there such PC program?????
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    Actually, it's more of a simulation of everything physical...
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    Or it could simulate at a more fundamental level. it could simulate up quark, down quark, electron, neutrino, strong, weak, and electromagnetic force.
    When you hit simulate, it should "Simulate" an observation in the virtual quantum system and show it on the screen..
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