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Atom model

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    i am having problems with the atom model part of physics, i know that the current model stats the electron location is a probability and all, its when i get to the wavelength and the energy, with all the ionization and the spectrums that i dont understand.....

    how can i find the energy level with a spectrum, do i use E=mc2 or E=pc by finding p with p=h/wavelength........ or do i use more of a atomic physics equation like E=hf=hc/wavelength

    keep in mind that i am french and i dont fully understand english termanlogy thx
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    You find the energy level of an atom by solving the Schrodinger Equation for that atom (something you can only do exactly for H-atom). Then you find the energy eigenvalues using that solution and voila! You have the energy level spectrum!

    ... assuming, of course, that "Schrodinger Equation" translates to roughly the same thing in french.

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    I doubt that the poster knows what a wave function is, far less know what solutions to the Schrodinger Equation look like or what spherical harmonics are. )

    I'm only guessing your level, but I suggest you use the Bohr model to find energy levels and wavelengths of absorption/emission spectra. They are very good for a first approximation. Use E = hf, to convert between energy and frequency (or wavelength).

    There's good info at wolfram : http://scienceworld.wolfram.com/physics/BalmerFormula.html
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