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Atom rendering software

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    I´ve just started in atomistic simulations, so I need some advice please. I´m simultaing a fcc cubic structure using a standard Verlet algorithm. I´ve already got the trayectories and I need to render the atoms and make a presentation.

    I just need simple spheres in space, not molecules nor proteins, not complicated renderings, but it´s a quite big amount of atoms (several hundreds or if possible, thousands). I´ve heard Rasmol is useful for this but If anyone can give me advice ....
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    do a search for ccp14 you'll find a site with all kinds of software for x-ray/neutron diffraction. And you should also find programs that do what you describe.
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    Thanks, i´m taking a look on them. But all of those visualization programs appear to be for molecular rendering (proteins). I don´t need bonding, surface rendering, charge densities nor any calculations ....

    I just need "spheres in space" but lots of them. Thank you very much anyway.
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