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Atom Trap

  1. Apr 8, 2008 #1
    Show that if a straight wire carrying current I is oriented at right angles to a uniform external magnetic field B, there will be a region where the magnetic field is zero. If the wire is actually ‘printed’ onto the surface of an ‘atom chip’ and the atoms are to be trapped 500 micrometre from the surface using an external field of 25 x 10^-4 T, what current will the wire need to carry? If the resistance of the wire, which is 6mm long and 150µm wide is not to exceed 0.1
    ohm, how thick must it be if made of copper?
    (See http://www.physics.uq.edu.au/atomoptics/atomchip.html for the actual device we made. The potential energy of atoms in one spin state is zero where the field is zero, so they can be trapped there.

    Anyone have any ideas, we have recently been doing emf and electric fields

    Not to sure even on how to start it
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