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Atom /.?

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    umm i got some silly question to ask , i just couldnt find a good answer by my self.

    1. is my body made up with atoms, ? i dont really think so, so what's my body made of? i mean my flesh.

    2. wats is a piece of material such as wood or gold, made of, ? i mean when u cut down to the smallest thing, can anyone give me the stages?

    all i noe is that atom consists of electron and proton with neculs in the centre, and different amount of electron will determine wat kind atom. umm? sounds right?

    correctly me plz thank you all.
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    btw wats the relationship between an element and atoms?

    and wats is a particle, molecule and ion or it is just a word to say.

    i really need make this clear in my head, other wise i am doomed
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    Of course your body is made of atoms; atoms arranged into molecules, molecules arranged into DNA/RNA, DNA/RNA controls arrangement into cell structures, cell structures arranged into cells, cells arragned into organs and organs arranged into you.

    Atoms are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons (expect for neutral hydrogen which is just one electron and one proton disregarding any isotopes hydrogen has). The nucleus consists of protons and neutrons with electrons "circling" around the nucleus. Elements have different amounts of protons that characterize what they are. If an element gains more or less neutrons it is said to be an isotope of that element. Differences in valence electrons only change the atom's ability to react with other atoms or molecules chemically.

    Particles are divided into two groups: hadrons and leptons.

    Hadrons are partcles that consist of quarks and themselves are divided into two groups: Baryons and Mesons

    Baryon particles, like protons and neutrons, consist of three quarks combinations.
    Meson particles, like pions, consists of a quark/anti-quark combination and are short-lived because of it.

    Leptons consists of particles that are solitary in nature (not made up of quarks) and examples are the electron and neutrino.

    So baryons and leptons made up your body through their combined combination into atoms and soforth.

    The above is pretty elementary but I hope it helps.
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    umm wow thx for ur reply, i m very basic it does help me, btw so u saying particle are one things that builds up the atom?
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    What I'm saying is that there are sub-atomic particles that make up atoms; the two baryons that make up atoms are protons, neutrons (both make up the nucleus) and the surrounding electrons in the lepton particle class. The force-carrying exchange particles responsible for the strong nuclear force (holds nucleus together; called a gluon), the weak nuclear force (responsible for radioactive decay; called the intermediate vector boson) and the electromagnetic force (self-explanitory; called the photon) determine how certain particles interact with each other.
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    hoho really appricaited, i understand now, thank you,
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