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Atomic Density question.

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    Can anyone help.

    How do I calculate mass density of aluminium, given the atomic density of 6.04 X 10^22.

    I understand that Density = Mass/Volume. but the question confuses me.

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    the mass density is equal to:

    \rho = \frac{\Delta m}{\Delta V}

    where [itex]\Delta m[/itex] is the mass contained in the volume [itex]\Delta V[/itex]. But, at the same time, the total mass is equal to:

    \Delta m = m_{0} \, \Delta N

    where [itex]m_{0}[/itex] is the mass of one particle (atom, molecule) and [itex]\Delta N[/itex] is the total number of particles in that volume. So, we can write:

    \rho = \frac{m_{0} \, \Delta N}{\Delta V} = m_{0} \, \frac{\Delta N}{\Delta V}

    But, by definition, the number density is:

    n_{0} \equiv \frac{\Delta N}{\Delta V}

    So, we have:

    \rho = m_{0} \, n_{0}

    So, all you need is to find the mass of one atom of aluminum. You will need to review the concept of atomic mass unit and relative atomic (molecular) mass.
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    Thanks dickfore...

    so is this right?

    p = (6.04 X 10^22 / 6.023 X 10 ^23) x 26.98 = 2.7g
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    in what volume are there [itex]6.04 \times 10^{22}[/itex] particles? You will need to divide with that volume to get a density. As it is now, your result has units of mass.
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    Sorry,, I hope im not annoying you. Im getting mixed answers. Can you please work it out for me...

    Im gettng volume of 6.04 X 10^22 = 4.470 X10^-23, therefore the mass density equaling 3.645 X 10^46..


    (6.04 X 10^22 / 9.98 ) X 26.98 = 1.6g/cm^3

    Im lost
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    no, i won't. In your original post, you hadn't specified a correct unit for the number density of Al atoms. This is why your mass density is in incorrect units. You should look back in your problem formulation again.
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    Yes you're right,,, The question is the atomic density of 6.04 X 10^22 atoms per cm^3.
    I missed out the units.

    so would this mean, (6.04 X 10^22 cm^3 / 1.023 X 10^23) x 26.98 amu = 2.7 g/cm^3
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    yes. look up density of aluminum and you compare with what you have found. However, I urge you to think about which one is easier to measure, the density of a bulk material or the number density of the atoms in the material?
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