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Atomic mass, molar mass

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    I have a quiz on Tuesday at chemistry, and I began reviewing for it. The subject is the Ideal Gas Law. I pretty much got the hang of it, except that I have one tiny problem. I'm kind of rusty on chemistry, and that's preventing me from getting a good grip. I've looked on Wikipedia, but it seems to only further my confusion (tried the manual, doesn't cover this topic). I can't exactly remember what a mole, atomic weight (or mass) is, and all that other stuff. The ideal gas law, in the forms that I've been taught, has either n (the number of moles, where I'm a little hazy) or m/miu (mass over molar mass, or something) at which point I'm completely lost. I don't know what molecular mass is, the difference between molecular and molar mass, and I don't know where to find either on a periodic table.

    Also, if someone can provide a good printable periodic table with the required stuff on it (masses, where to find them, and everything) or perhaps a list with the elements and their masses, I would be grateful.

    PS I may not even know what I don't know, that's how much I don't remember. So if it seems that what I'm asking isn't really related to the ideal gas law or applying it, please tell me so.
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    You are missing the most basic things you will ever need in chemistry. Mole (unit of amount of substance) and molar mass (mass of one mole of a substance) have a decent wikipedia articles explaining details - please start there.
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