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Atomic Question- bomb

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    Atomic Question-- bomb

    What is the general output of enriched uranium from an electrolysis and fractional distillation process?
    I have already researched the outputs for gas diffusion, thermal diffusion, gas cenrifuge, laster isotope separation, and mass spectroscopy. If you could give me any information on its separative work Unit or Amount of fissionable materials for the two processes could be produced in grams/month it would be great. Its for a physics research project, and as most of you probably know posessing the knowledge of making a bomb, is far from being able to constuct the bomb.

    Any help would be great.
    Tom McCurdy
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    Now where's those FBI spooks when you need them ?
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    well i presented the model today

    I decided that i would probably like to use gas centrifuge as a method to enrich uranium. It is relatively easy to do once you set them up in trains to form cascades then just put the Uranium hexa fluroide gas into the evacuated rotor and press spin. You got yourself some U-235 moving inside while the heavier 238 should move towards the outside. Add an axial countercurrent formed either mechanically with baffles or thermally by heating the caps and you can ever further enrich the uranium. Then take the uranium to a breeder reactor in Detroit to transform to Plutonium then your well on the way for an implosion nuclear device. (who would mess with the gun type... too easy) then maybe just for kicks use either electrolysis or fractional distillation to get some deuterium to make a boosted nuclear device. Anyway this is just a small portion of the plans... if anyone want to know how to build nuclear device... I know. hehe I love my high school... (advance math and science center magnet school)
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    Got any pointers to open-sky uncontrolled pitchblende mines?

    (here is the real cut-off: if your school teaches you physics, but it forgets about geology, you will be unable to recognise the raw matter, after all)
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    i don't but he does

    he was nuclear physist, he studied and now teaches physics, geology and astronomy
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    kids these days..
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    Did you? Oh, well that wasn't very nice. I don't think you should do stuff like that.
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