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Homework Help: Atomic radii question

  1. May 31, 2008 #1
    Could anybody help me with this?

    The atomic radii of the transition metals show some anomaly in their atomic radii as
    compared to those elements in Group 1A-7A, which generally shows a decrease as one
    goes from left to right in a period. The atomic radii of the transition metals decrease as
    do those in Groups 1A-7A, but then they increase. For example, Sc has an atomic radius
    of 162 pm and the atomic radii decrease until Ni to 124 pm, but Cu an Zn have larger
    atomic radii than Ni and Zn is even larger than Cu. How do you explain this?
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    It is due to the repulsion between the electrons of the shells which increases the atomic radius due to the increase in the charge
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