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Atomic radius of Iron

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    Does anybody here know where to find the atomic radius of elements in the periodic table? What about the nucleonic radius? I'm currently trying to find the radius of Iron for some sort of calculation that I'm doing.

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    It's tabulated in a comprehensive book on general chemistry.There are tables of elements which give,among other physical & chemical properties,the atomic radius,too.

    For the nucleic radius,use the approximate formula

    [tex] R(A)=R_{0}\sqrt[3]{A} [/tex] ,where R_{0}=1.2 fermi.

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    (you sound familiar)
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    Thanks for the help people. I'm trying to devise a theory about relative time. I'm wondering if anybody might want to help.

    As for you knowing me, I wouldn't be entirely sure. Unfortunately, for me, your alias doesn't really ring a bell. I apologize for not remembering you :P
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