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[Atomic] Searching for a Mechanism

  1. Apr 2, 2008 #1
    I did an experiment to calculate the cross section for capture, loss, and ionization for a 05+ projectile on an 02 target at 16, 24, and 32MeV. We used a tandem to produce the the beam, and a time of flight method (ToF) to determine the fragments. (We used the known Ne and He spectra as a calibration method.)

    For all the results came out very well predicting 021+, O1+ / O22+, and O2+ peaks like I would expect. Except the 32MeV 05+ ionization channel (no change in projectile) also had peaks (m/q)^.5 that correlate to O23+ (~3.3) and O25+ (~2.5) which are not stable and would fragment before reaching the detectors.

    Is there a mechanism of which I am unaware that would produce these spectra peaks at 32 and not 24 or 16MeV (energy related)?
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