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Homework Help: Atomic Spectra: Hydrogen Atom

  1. Aug 5, 2006 #1
    In the hydrogen atom, an electron is in the 3d state.

    (i) Find the orbital angular momentum of the electron (in units of
    n =3, l = n - 1, l = 1. L = [sqrt( l (l + 1) )]hbar therefore L = sqrt(2).hbar

    (ii) Find the energy of the electron (in eV).

    En = -13.6ev / n^2. E = - 13.6eV / 9

    (iii) Ignoring electron spin, find the total number of quantum states that have the same energy as in (ii). (i.e. they're degenerate).

    This is where I'm stuck, I'm thinking that the only states with the same energy are ones in 3s or 3p shells.
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