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Atomic structure

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    I need a plain & simple explanation of atomic structure. For example, if I was to consider the n = 6 shell, what would be the largest angular momentum quantum number and how many electrons can be put in this shell?

    Thanks for your insight!
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    If n=6,l can have 6 values:0,1,2,3,4,5.Each of the "m"-s goes from -l->+l.And afer considering all possibilities for "m",multiply by 2 for each independent spin state. ("up"/"down").
    n=6,l=0,m can only be 0 So u can have 2 electrons:eek:ne with spin up and one with spin down.
    n=6,l=1,m can have 3 values:m=1,0-1.So u have 6 electrons in all.
    n=6,l=2,m can have 5 values:m=2,...,-2.So u have 10 electrons in all.
    n=6,l=3,m can have 7 values:m=3,...,-3.So u have 14 electrons in all.
    n=6,l=4,m can have 9 values:m=4,...,-4.So u have 18 electrons in all.
    n=6,l=5,m can have 11 values:m=5,...,-5.So u have 22 electrons in all.

    The number of all electrons is:2+6+10+14+18+22=72.
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