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Homework Help: Atomic symbols

  1. Jun 20, 2006 #1
    I am trying to complete some chem homework in microsoft word, but I need to write the atomic symbols. Is there any way I can write the mass number over the atomic number. Can I use sub and super script at the same time in the same place?
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    I don't know if you can do it in terms of basic text in Word but you could import some images.

    You can copy/paste them from here (Not sure if it will work though because of the anti-aliasing)--Although I don't think PF has any problem with you copying/pasting images, please don't hotlink the image onto another website.


    Or if you want to remove the italics:


    Edit: I just tried it and for some reason Word inverts the colors.
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    Microsoft equation editor ought to do the job for you.

    Tools-> insert -> Microsoft Equation editor 3
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    Wow I never even knew that existed.

    By the way, I guess tools/insert is for Word XP. For 2000, it's Insert/Object/[Create New]-Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0
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