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Homework Help: Atomic volume to Nuclear volume. Problem Solving. PLS HELP!

  1. Oct 4, 2009 #1
    Q: An average dimension for the radius of an atom is 1.0 x 10^-8 cm, and the average radius of the nucleus is 1.0 x 10-^13 cm. Determine the ratio of atomic volume to nuclear volume. Assume that the atom is spherical. [V=4/3(pi)r^3]

    I already have the volume for both, but how can I determine their ratios?
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    "Ratio of A to B" means A/B.
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    oh. so i just put a / on the answers? =]
    like 1/2?
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    You want atomic volume/nuclear volume then divide.
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    oh ok :D thank YOU! =] ♥
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