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Atoms are ghostly things.

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    Who came up with the idea of an atom? It begs the question why do such people waste their time on this when they know they can never really find out what's going on? I bet instead of the four known forces there are litterally hundreds of millions of 'forces' each binding everything on such a small scale that they are nearly invisible.
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    Seems you've missed the essential drive of science: prediction and comparison with experiment. If, by making certain hypotheses, you arrive at predicting how certain experimental results should turn out, and this happens indeed, then this gives some credibility to the value of your hypotheses (without ever being definitive).

    With atoms, that's the same. You start by saying "assume that matter is made up of atoms, and that they behave in this and that way"... this allows you to build a mathematical model (with more or less sophistication) of what SHOULD happen if it were indeed true that matter is made up of atoms. That mathematical model makes then certain predictions. When you go and verify them in the lab, and it works out correctly, that's then something that gives credibility to your original hypothesis of "assume that matter is made up of atoms".
    When you think about this, about ALL you know has been established that way - unless you took it on faith.
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    What if there's just a ghost moving through them...
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    And you think these "ghosts" are the model we use to design the semiconductors that you are currently using in your modern electronics, including the computer you are currently using? Or what about the research in the medicine and biochemistry that you or your family are benefiting if, heaven forbid, one of you become sick? What do you think is the fundamental model in all those studies? Ghosts?


    [I see this thread going nowhere fast]
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    Well atleast at some place they can be claimed to be ghosts..like
    they can be ghosts in the form of atom bombs
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    THX, are you interested in learning how these theories came about and why they are solid, or are you more interested in espousing your own views?
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    It went from zero to nowhere in one post. That's pretty darned fast.

    Because the theory works very well up to this point. I will be waiting for your independently published works that will dubunk the notion of the atom as we know it to be.
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    Have you or a loved one even been in a medical situation that required X-rays, or an MRI, or perhaps radiation therapy for cancer?
    Those of us who have can gratefully thank the efforts of nuclear science.
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    No one can escape the ghost.....
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    Hey, look, another garbage thread from THX22. Wave bye-bye, THX22.

    - Warren
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