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Atoms in high field

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    I don't quite understand the defination of the high field. What is the difference between atoms in down field and high field? THANKS~
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    What kind of field? Electric or magnetic? Constant or time varying?

    Several definitions of strong fields are possible.

    One might be that the strength of the applied field is the same order of magnitude as the Coulomb field from the nucleus.

    Another might be that the externally applied field causes energy level mixing from adjacent principal quantum numbers.

    Another might be that the ionization threshold of the atom is significantly changed.
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    By the way, the converse of high field is low field. Strong and weak are also used.

    To add to what Dr. Courtney said, in the case of EM radiation, high fields can correspond to cases where multi-photon processes become important.
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    Thanks for correcting my mistake :)
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