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ATT: south africans

  1. Jun 10, 2004 #1
    all south africans on the board, i want to know YOUR thoughts on Nelson Mandela thanks
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    Got you there! I'm thinking you may be questioning why Mr. Mandeal is so revered? I kinda had to ask myself that question and what I've come up with is that he truly is all that he is made up to be.


    Okay, granted I haven't read A Long Walk To Freedom (Yes- I am plain disgusting :yuck: ) but this man is truly amazing.

    Firstly, take what he stood for and what he acheived. At the Treason Trail 40 odd years ago, he was prepared to die for his country. Him and a number of other comrades who wanted to fight for a life where everybody is afforded the same oppurtunities regardless of race, creed or background. Also, after spending most of the prime of his life on a secluded island, away from the cause that he fought so hard for, he came out of prison and built the world's best democracy. No retaliation for the sins of Apartheid - ALL South Africans were equal - no matter what you did pre-1994. Granted, it was country policy, but it was spearheaded by this great man.

    Nowadays, I think his greatness is being marketed out of proportion (everything got his name on it) but the man is truly great. I probably haven't done justice to him with this post. I suggest you read A Long Walk To Freedom. It will be worth it. (Exams almost over - WILL read it this vac!!)
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    I would say that he is certainly the man of the century. What he and the other comrades did for our country is just amazing. His attitude of forgiveness, compassion and love for our country is something all South Africans should aspire to. I also dig the way he is not afriad to say what he really thinks, like the time when he slammed Bush for the War against terror. He is the man!!!
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    thanks for your responces, i think he's a great person, not many people would have done what he did, good luck to you guys
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