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Attaching Plastic

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    does anyone know the best way in which to attach pvc with pvc? this is for a boat, so it must be as strong as possible.
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    The glue sold at home centers for attaching the PVC plumbing bonds the plastic together quite well and is fairly inexpensive to boot. There is a cleaner as well (typically sold right next to it) and aside from a nasty smell they set quickly and are easy to use. With the PVC plumbing, it seems the tubing is as likely to break as the joint if you try to seperate a joint that did not set in the right direction....
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    You could somehow melt the PVC and let it cool. Haven't tried it though.
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    Plastic welds can be fairly strong. I guess that is what the poster above is suggesting.
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    What kind of joints, i.e. lap or butt joints? Lap would be stronger, and a solvent glue as Cliff_J mentioned would be sufficient.

    Plastic welding is a possibility - but I am not sure of the experience with PVC sheet or plank.

    You might try comparing bond strength with the two methods.
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    marine grade

    If its for a boat you intend to use, you should check into a marine grade adhesive.
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