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Attaching spaghetti

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    does anybody has an idea how can i attach 2 spaghettis from their base without being breaked or crooked.
    I'm ONLY allowed to use spaghettis and glue...
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    Welcome to PF, Mariyan.
    What sort of configuration do you want them to have? Is it end-to-end to make a longer strand, or side-by-side for a thicker strand, or splayed outward like a fan, or what?
    There won't be too much difference in technique, but enough that it matters.
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    If you mean end to end, you will probably need to overlap them in order to get sufficient surface contact.
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    well i need both end-to-end & side-by-side. but my problem is with the first one. you know i need them to be completely straight. last year we used needles and it worked but this year it's not allowed and i don't know what to do:(
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    A model airplane building technique might help you here. Pin the spaghetti down to a piece of foam covered in wax paper so the glue wont stick to the foam. Place the pins at an angle crossing over the top of the noodles so they hold the noodles straight and in place against the surface of the foam. You can use short splice pieces of noodle to strengthen the butt joint. The splices can simply be glued against the side of the joint and also held in place by crossed pins.

    What are you building?
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    thanks montayas i'll try it but would'nt it lean after glueing?
    i'm bulding a glider
  8. Jan 3, 2009 #7
    I am not sure what you mean by lean. If you fixture it straight it should remain straight.

    What kind of glue are you using? I would use something like this:


    It is available many places.
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    well i've already used straight fixture with balsa wood but it doesn't work properly.
    i use normal glue and spray for drying it
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    If you are using a water based glue, the water may distort the spaghetti as the glue cures.
  11. Jan 3, 2009 #10
    i mean it's 1 of these super glues. but anyway i don't think the problem is from the glue
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    Could the spaghetti be stressed in the fixture? And are the ends flat and square to the sides?

    If not you might try sanding the ends gently so they are.
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    what do you mean stressed in the fixture???
    yes they're completely flat (we used sanding)
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    Maybe make sure the spaghetti is not subjected to much force from the pins being used to hold it in place. Fixture it very gently using only enough force to keep it from moving while you glue it.

    Other than that, I am out of ideas...
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    anyway thanks:)
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    I would attach them side-by-side, but staggered. Hope this diagram is clear enough:


    EDIT just read montoyas's post #5 more carefully, I think he means something like this, which would be lighter than my idea:

    Code (Text):

           :===:    :===:
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