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Attachment approval

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    I've got a question here. When an attachment is approved does the thread automatically jump to the top of the forum? Because I'm concerned that in a popular forum where many new threads are created all the time, threads whose content are heavily dependant on attachments may not be addressed until their attachment has been approved and by then they may be buried in the 2nd or 3rd page.
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    image-hosting sites

    Hi Defennder! :smile:

    Yes, it's a big problem (I think even the OP doesn't get a notification) …

    for images, it would be better if members used image-hosting sites

    and, for answers, if they took the trouble to actually type them out! :rolleyes:

    (helpful tip: if i'm minded to answer a post, but i need to see the diagram, then i subscribe to it in a special "delete" folder, which i can check once a day :wink:)
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    Hmmm, this is something I might take into consideration. When I approve texts, the, the posts stay where they are, But I could change that. Is that something everyone thinks would help?
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