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Medical Attacked by voice in head

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    I have a strange question:

    One day i drinked with few persons with which it was not really good thing to drink (criminals),

    after few days i started to hear strange voice projected like it would be from my phone which was saying "you're dead", im 100% sure that im not shizophrenic, im a developer with master degree but bad at medicine and physics. I did ignore the voice but few days later i received an attack which was consisting of 2 hallucinations ( a car and simple worker ) and a strong voice screaming in my head which shocked and scared me, im in a big problem becouse the device which couses it is blocking me from my career and i cant work as a developer becouse it may spy secrets of a company, yet i recored digital sound vibrations from my ears with simple microphone, so its not a situation of "brain is ****ing with you".

    My question is how can someone help ? what kind of device they could be using ? radio frequency, electromagnetic waves or so...

    how to detect it ? cheap radio frequency detector ? other things ? any topic with material which could lead my information to doctor more easily and let me feel more confident will help.

    Really big thanks, by the way, local police doesnt work, and its described as "voice 2 skull" over the internet, but doesnt sound really trusty.

    "In actual fact, a suitably modified amateur radio transmitter operating in either the 420 to 450 megahertz band or the 1.3 gigahertz band, with a highly directional antenna, is capable of transmitting voice to skull signals at less cost than the price of an automobile." a citation from https://sites.google.com/site/targetedindividuals101/home/v2k , what does this mean ?
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    This is not a subject which is suited for discussion at Physics Forums. We recommend that you seek help from a professional psychiatrist.

    Thread closed.
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    Seek help from a medical professional immediately.
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    @RaimondasB -- Please check your personal messages/conversations. :smile:
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