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Medical Attention armchair physicians!

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    Friday I had a surgery called Septoplasty, for a deviated septum. I have been recuperating, and I noticed this red patch developing under my left eye. It is painful when touched.

    I am wondering if any of you might know what this is, or if there is any sort of "nurse's hotline" I can call for medical advice. I would never be able to get an appointment in the next week - most places around here are booked 2-3 weeks out.


    PS, try not to fall in love.
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    Your doctor's office should have an answering service that will either get you to the doctor or a nurses line, etc...

    It could be irritation from things on your face during surgery, but, we don't know. If nothing else, just walk into your doctor's office and show them.
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    be interesting to see what your doc says. but if you ever see any vids of surgeons working, it's hardly a gentle art.
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