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Attention swirling around Ubuntu

  1. Jun 19, 2005 #1
    There was a lot of attention swirling around Ubuntu, so I decided to try it. I don't know, it's probably nice for the people switching to Linux for the first time from Windows, but I didn't really like it. You have no control over anything during the installation process except partitioning. But that's not a serious problem and some people would look at it as a benefit. When I started the os, it gave some nice drums sounds and I was feeling good. I started firefox and it sucked. No matter what I did, there was always an error message. For example, I download something, error message, I click on Edit > Preferences, error message. Of course, maybe it can corrected by changing some configuration file for firefox, but if Ubuntu is meant for beginners, how can a beginner do something like that? Maybe it's just my computer, but I am staying away.... for now.
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    I never had any problems like that with Ubuntu. However, I downloaded firefox from the firefox website and ran it that way, because the newest version of fx had just been released. So I guess I just used it once or twice, but I did not see any problems. Go to ubuntuforums.org and see if someone knows what is going on.
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    ubuntu is the most popular disto on distrowatch.com, I'm downloading it but i'm on 56k so it's taking me several nights
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    What exactly is the error message?
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    something about xml parsing.... but I reinstalled 1.04 and it's fine....

    Edit: I take that back, it's not fine, it keeps crashing every few minutes.. :(
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    On a large tangent, I got 10 free Ubuntu CDs and now I hav realised that all of the workstations are *edit* recently updated to 64-bit *edit* AMD not Intel so does anybody want 10 live CDs and 10 install disk for Ubuntu 1.04? I ordered the CDs about 4 months ago before we changed!

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    If the workstations have 32bit processors it doesn't matter who manufactures the processors.
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    I've been running 64-bit Hoary on my desktop and 32-bit Hoary on my laptop with no big problems (except for getting DVD playback to work on 64-bit; a few searches on the forum, exploring software choices and adding the new repositories solved that problem). Firefox is my primary browser on both platforms. Did you follow the tips in the http://ubuntuguide.org/ [Broken] ?
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