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News Attorney General Comments

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    Some staffer probably gave him news stories and a summary on it. He is a busy man I assume and does not have time to read all legislation from various states. Of course he certainly ought not be commenting on it if he has not actually read it. He was probably under pressure to make comments and made the stupid decision to go ahead and make them without properly familiarizing himself.
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    There seems to be far too much of this behavior going on lately - on both sides.
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    Holder is a pale shadow of Mukasey. Obama kept Gates, he should have kept Mukasey too.
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    Well you got a team of lawyers sitting around writting these up and you end up with 100s or 1000s of pages of mumbo jumbo. I wouldn't read that crap if i was a politician. The sad thing is is this is how pork barrel projects can be so easily slipped into bills - because no one actually reads the darn things!
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    The bill in question is actually quite short. About ten pages I think the article said.
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