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Attraction - Repulsion

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    Attraction -- Repulsion

    I was thinking of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry is turned on watching his girlfriend run her fingers through her hair. She, on the other hand, is turned off watching him scratching his head.

    It's strange how attraction and repulsion works. It seems there is good dirt and bad dirt; acceptable fluids and detestable ones. Some fluids are ok depending on who they belong to.

    We can eat candy out of a loved one's mouth but the thought of eating candy out of your favorite aunt's mouth is enough to put you off your dinner. A guy might find a girl painting her toenails to be as delightful a sight as a meadow full of flowers, but when his male room mate enters pedicure mode in full view, it can start a fight.

    Some of the things that we find most attractive in some people are the very things we find most disgusting in others. And how about touch? We adore being touched by a lover but once you argue or fall out of love, you'd rather be touched by a dead fish.
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    Well technically, she didnt like it because when he walked around naked it wasnt attractive, so she couldnt stop picturing him naked...on the other hand...jerry kept picturing that she was naked(because she walked around nakedbefore)
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    Birds who are fit are fit most things they do.

    People who are not regarded as being attractive are not attractive whatever they do.

    That is the reason.
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    A fit bird, is that an attractive woman?
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    Re: Attraction -- Repulsion

    LOL, man that was funny, but it is an interesting social phenomenon that you've pointed out.
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    *stares at climbhi's avatar*

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    you know you like it!
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