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Homework Help: Atwood Problem

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    In the Atwood machine regular 2 mass machine,m1= 2.20kg and m2=7.30kg . The masses of the pulley and string are negligible by comparison. The pulley turns without friction and the string does not stretch. The lighter object is released with a sharp push that sets it into motion at an initial velocity of 2.70m/s downward. I found the Tension to be 33.1N, but i don't understand how to apply to find how far will m1 descend below its initial value? Could anyone help me out?
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    Doc Al

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    Find the acceleration of the masses, which for m1 will be upward. Use the kinematics of uniformly accelerated motion to find out how far m1 descends before coming back up. Hint: Find the point where its speed is zero.
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    i figured it out thanks for the suggestion. Closed!
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