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Homework Help: Atwood Question

  1. Jul 16, 2006 #1
    i drew a digram for the forces and i found out the equations for accerleration... then i'm stuck...

    Question: Determine the tension in the strings, the acceleration, and how far the masses will go in 2.0s. (See attachement)

    Well i drew a FBD, ,and i got three eqations for accerleration:
    for mass 1 (100g):
    A = (T2 - M1*G)/(M1)
    A = (T2 - 0.1*9.8)/(0.1)

    mass 2: (200g, on the floor)
    A = (T1 - T2)/(M2)
    A = (T1 - T2)/(0.2)

    mass 3: (200g, going down on the right)
    A = (M3*G - T1)/(M3)
    A = (0.2*9.8 - T1)/(0.2)

    Then what should i do after this? i can't equate 3 equations at once... can i?

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    Andrew Mason

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    Why not? After all, if the string does not break the accelerations are all the same. Try inserting the expressions for T1 and T2 from equations 1 and 3 into 2. That will give you an equation with only one unknown: A.

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    yea i tried that, but a strange number came out... i will try again, maybe it's a algebra error.
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    Your equations look right. Did you solve for both tensions and for the acceleration? If so, there is an easu way to tell if you made an algebra mistake: just plug back your values in the initial equations! If it does not work, it shows that you made an algebra mistake.

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